Hey friends! My name is Sara Clarke Boccarossa. 

I’m here because I want to practically equip you for abundant life with Jesus.


I love the color blue, cursive letters, and puns (hence my blog name). I have a thing for wide open spaces—something about a big blue sky and a wide expanse underneath just feels like Jesus. I love coffee, tea, and really just about anything you give me in a warm mug. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, but I really hate doing the dishes afterward. I have loved writing since I was a little girl. I used to fill up journals with made-up stories and I loved those projects at school when you got to publish your own book. As I’ve grown older, writing has become harder because I like to do things right. Writing, however, is an act of creativity and there’s no right answer! I’m learning to express myself the way I choose rather than working for the approval of others. Thanks for being with me in the process!


Not long ago, I married my college sweetheart (do people say that?) Chris. That’s where I got the crazy last name that happens to lend itself to a variety of puns. He is the complement to all my bad qualities. He is steady, logical, and patient while I tend to be emotional, impulsive, and not patient in the slightest. I’m learning from him everyday! He also teaches me a lot about coffee, even though I still go the old drip brew route every morning.

Jesus captured my heart in college while I was walking through a really hard season. My dad was terminally ill and when I felt so broken and alone, Jesus met me as my constant companion and friend. He’s never stopped meeting me since. My story is full of ups and downs, heartaches and redemption, but Jesus wrote it all before time began. He knew every step I would take and every tear I would cry an eternity before I was even a thought. I think that’s why I love writing. My life and yours are stories written by God himself, and we get the great pleasure of living those stories alongside the Greatest Companion. Even though some stories are hard to live and maybe harder to tell, I think Jesus calls us to tell the stories he wrote for us. That’s what I’m doing here: writing my story as it comes. I have nothing new to say that God hasn’t already revealed, but maybe something I say will connect with you. And if it does, please reach out. I love a good conversation and I’d love to have one with you!