The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning Success

It’s Spring!
You know what that means: Spring Cleaning!

Yep, it’s that time of year where everyone is cleaning their houses with the windows open while jamming to some happy tunes and wearing shorts and a tank top (finally!). You may find yourself craving cleanliness, organization, and the whole “out with the old, in with the new” mantra this time of year. The only problem is you’re just too busy for all the cleaning your house needs! Who wants to spend their minimal free time scrubbing floors and organizing closets?

Not me! I really do love it when my house is clean and organized, but it just isn’t most of the time. Learning to clean efficiently and effectively are big goals of mine this year, because I feel more productive, joyful, and comfortable when my home is clean. That’s why I want to give you some tips for quick, effective, and maybe even enjoyable Spring cleaning (and I’m preaching to myself on this one, because I am no professional).

Get motivated!

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Did you know you can actually make yourself want to clean? Creating the right environment is key. Here are a few ways to get pumped up for cleaning:

  • Turn on some upbeat, fun music to get you moving.
  • Light some candles or spray air freshener to get your house smelling clean from the start. If it smells clean, you’ll be more likely to actually start making it clean!
  • Do your daily tasks first. Make your bed, load the dishwasher, straighten the pillows on your couch, etc. If you start with the simple jobs first, you’ll get in the zone and just keep going!

Another way I get motivated is by giving myself a time limit. My mom used to make us do “7 minute clean-ups” when I was younger. I would complain about it, but she would always say, “Come on, it’ll be fun to see how much you can do in 7 minutes!” I have to admit it always ended up being pretty fun, because it gave me a challenge. Now if I do that, I keep cleaning afterward because I want to get the job done!

Now that you’re feeling motivated, it’s time to start your Spring cleaning!

Set a day aside for a cleaning marathon.

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Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your Spring cleaning won’t be finished in an hour. It may not take an entire day, but at least set aside an entire night after work to do your Spring cleaning. Once you get in your groove with the tips above, you won’t want to stop anyway!

If you can’t find a big block of time to devote to cleaning, consider scheduling a couple hours a day for a few days to knock it out. Everyone’s schedule is different, so make it work for you!

Make a plan.

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I created a complete Spring cleaning checklist to help you get everything done. You could devote one day to each section or do it all in one day!

It’s definitely important to know where to begin. When looking at your whole house (especially if it’s really due for some cleaning), it can be really overwhelming to even imagine starting. So here’s some tips for figuring out an order that makes sense for you:

  • Start with chores you do the most often (picking up clothes in your room, making your bed, washing the dishes, wiping down counters, etc.). You’ll feel better immediately once those jobs are complete!
  • Get rid of stuff first. It will be so much easier to tidy and clean when there’s less stuff in the way. If you’re going to clean out your closet, refrigerator, pantry, or drawers, do that before ever touching an antibacterial wipe!
  • Decide if you want to take it room by room or chore by chore. Maybe you want to completely finish the living room before moving on to the bathrooms. Or maybe you prefer to do all the dusting at once, then clean all the floors, then wipe down all the windows. It’s up to you, but stick to your plan so you don’t start running around like a crazy person!
  • Think about what needs to be cleaned last. For example, I like to clean the floors last because I sometimes get them even dirtier while I’m wiping down surfaces or dusting. Consider what you may actually “dirty up” while you’re cleaning and do those jobs last!
  • Print off my checklist and keep up with what you’ve done! Not only does it feel great to check off tasks, but it will also keep you on track and focused.

Get the right products.

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Of course, having the right products and knowing how to use them matters! I linked my favorite products below so you can complete your cleaning collection.

Tip: I keep my cleaning supplies organized by room in caddies so I can just grab the caddy and go to work on each room. I have one for the kitchen, the bathrooms, and all other rooms. You can get them here.



Other Rooms/Entire House:

Keep it clean!

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Now that you’ve made your house squeaky clean, don’t you want to keep it that way? The key to keeping a clean home is cleaning a little bit every day. It can be tricky to work a marathon cleaning day into your schedule very often, and it’s just so hard to get motivated when your house is a mess! That’s why I created a weekly cleaning schedule that guides you through cleaning one room per day. If you get your routine down, each day will only take 30 minutes topsYou are guaranteed to feel more productive, comfortable, and joyful when your home is consistently clean. I think it’s worth a little extra time and energy!

Plus, imagine how easy next year’s Spring cleaning will be when you’ve spent all year cleaning a little every day!

I hope this guide was helpful for you in your Spring cleaning. It truly does get me feeling more ready for Spring when my home feels ready, too! Happy cleaning, friends!

*If you want the checklist or weekly plan for yourself, feel free to download it. All email subscribers will receive them in their inbox this week!

If you have any other questions about my Spring cleaning tips, please leave a comment below or message me through the Contact tab!

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