Living in Freedom

Hey friends!

Wow, I kind of can’t believe I’m doing this—again. This is (embarrassingly) my third attempt at blogging, but writing just makes me feel closer to Jesus and who doesn’t want that? I see life as a story that has already been written by our Author and simply waits to be lived. Being able to put some of those stories into words just feels right. Writing for people makes me feel slightly uneasy because it brings so many fears of rejection and needs for approval. Those are not the reasons I love writing, but there is a part of me that loves to share my experiences and thoughts with people I love. So I’m learning to live in the tension of sharing my passion while trying to avoid all of those negative feelings. I think I’ll be living on lots of grace and giving myself lots of pep talks in the process, because every time I’ve started to write publicly I get too scared and quit. In fact, that’s where the name of my blog comes in.

I do love a good pun, but Out of the Boccs is a built-in reminder that this thing gets to be my own. I’ve had the idea to start this so many times, but I always give up because I begin to doubt myself. There’s so much pressure that comes along with writing. Are people actually reading this? Can I post regularly? Is this thing really going to impact anyone? Can I even make this website look pretty? The truth is that I’m putting this opportunity to write inside a box. I assume it has to look a certain way, get to a certain place by a certain time, take up a certain amount of time in my life—but I just don’t know if I can measure up to all that pressure. Jesus doesn’t put us in a box, so why put myself in one? So this is me just being me. I’m breaking the bounds that I put on this little desire to write and I’m letting myself do it however feels right.  Plus, as soon as I thought up Out of the Boccs I just couldn’t stop laughing. Yeah it’s silly, but isn’t it kind of funny?


Galatians 5:1 says we’re called to be free. There are so many forms of spiritual slavery in this life, and Paul found it necessary to warn us against them. Obviously, it isn’t easy to remain in freedom. We are likely to fall captive to fear, anxiety, pressure, so many things! For me, holding myself to certain expectations is submitting myself to slavery. That’s why I want to live out of the box, outside of the bounds I lay on myself. This thing right here is me practicing freedom. I don’t want to place boundaries on what this gets to be—writing only about certain topics, posting at the same time every week like clockwork, whatever it may be that makes this feel like a box. Right now, I just want a space to write and practice creativity. That sounds like freedom to me.

I hope to share my thoughts and experiences from my own spiritual life as well as the occasional lifestyle post in between. One of my favorite things is recommending brands, products, services, or general life hacks to my friends, so I hope to write about those topics every now and then as well. This is really just a space for me to be creative and hopefully impact someone along the way! Not because I alone have something to offer, but because Jesus is gracious and uses us to help each other grow. I hope you find something here worth reading!

Where in your life are you living in the yoke of slavery? Are you letting certain expectations rule your heart? Where do you need Christ’s freedom to break through?

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